Widespread Invasion Mapped in the UK

We have been advised of a major zombie infestation in the UK. Here is the message that we received. It was somewhat garbled and was cut off before its conclusion:

On behalf of our client allfancydress.com, and in the spirit of Halloween, we at Crafted have designed and built a “Zombie Invasion” microsite. The project comprises an interactive map that displays “zombie infestations” across the UK (using data collected from allfancydress.com sales data, with customers represented as zombies on the map), and some fun survival tips for lasting through the oncoming zombie apocalypse. With Halloween almost upon us, this could be a great feature to share with your readers via a placement on your website.

A link to the Zombie Invasion site is below:


While the cover story may be that this site is tracking sales, we have contacted friends in England who tell us that there are more zombies than usual out and about.  Our relatives in Sotterley, Suffolk report that they are safe, however reports of zombies in the surrounding areas are increasing.  Shamina in Sidcup, South of London tells us that she and her family have been trapped in their home for the past 72 hours.  We have asked our operative Paul from Dartford to assist her.  He has extensive military training and a high level security clearance and is in contact with government officials.  Our former home in Bexleyheath has been overrun and our landlord is now evidently a zombie.  The role that allfancydress.com has played in the epidemic is unclear, however photos and information on their site indicate that they are encouraging people to turn.

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