Zombie Invasion Reported by Newsweek

There are some who doubt that zombies pose a serious threat.  For those doubters, we point out that Newsweek, a credible source of information, reported massive zombie attacks in a June 11, 2010 news article on their web site.  Newsweek took this information down shortly after it appears.  We believe this was done at the request of U.S. Government officials to stem mass panic.  The government has been slow to react to the growing zombie menace.  It is only recently that the CDC has started to advise the populace on how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

A Newsweek spokesperson later claimed that this was a practical joke perpetrated by their staff.  She said that programmers had hidden an “Easter egg” on the site to have “a bit of fun” and that “now that we’ve all had a laugh, we will be removing it.”

While Newsweek may be silenced, we will not be.  Here is a screen capture of the article as it appeared on the Newsweek site before the pages were taken down:

Zombies Attack!We must ask — What other news is being hidden from us?  How serious is the zombie menace?  We can only urge you to remain vigilant and be prepared for the worst.

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