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The mission of Zombie Emergency Response Operations (ZERO) is to achieve zero zombie attacks in our communities.  Our efforts are supported by an ever-expanding set of partners, including federal, state, tribal, and local governments, law enforcement, the private sector, international allies, and individual citizens, communities, and organizations. Together, we are improving our awareness of risks and threats, working to build safer and more resilient communities and develop innovative approaches and solutions through advanced science and technology.

Zombie Emergency Response Operations

Created because of regular reports of zombie infestations and attacks, Zombie Emergency Response Operations fills the void of the many agencies that cannot or will not respond to the growing zombie threat.

We fulfill our mission by accomplishing the following:

  1. Serve as a clearinghouse of zombie sightings worldwide.
  2. Provide news and information that is suppressed by government agencies and mainstream media.
  3. Prepare individuals and groups to deal with the zombie menace.
  4. Respond swiftly, efficiently, and effectively to zombie attacks.
  5. Develop new approaches to eliminating this rapidly developing threat to security.
  6. Ensure resilience to zombie attacks.

Thank you for your interest in Zombie Emergency Response Operations.

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